We at EUC believe in effective telecommunications benchmarking. It is through effective benchmarking that we are able to provide our customers with the best possible guidance through their procurement process, assisting them to find the market leaders, and those providers that have the right heritage in technology and solutions to be an effective long-term provider to a business.

The single most important element in conducting a successful telecommunications benchmark, where the outcome is accepted by both parties in a timely manner, is the relevance of the Benchmarker’s database.

What does relevance mean? It can best be described as such:
“The similarity of the Primary Price Drivers (PPD)** between the organisation being benchmarked and the benchmark peer group determined by the granularity of the peer group’s contractual, usage and infrastructure details within the Benchmarker’s database”

As a core factor in our determination of relevance, Primary Price Drivers, or PPD:
“Factors that contribute to the way The Market*** prices a product or a service. PPD’s evolve over time and are often not related to the actual cost of providing the product or service. In telecommunications carriage, for example, pricing is more a “return on investment” strategy as opposed to a “cost-plus” model”

Finally, to define the market:
“Any provider capable of delivering the current or required range of products and services to the client”

The list of major Primary Price Drivers is extensive, and one of EUC’s core services is to cut through the complexity to deliver leading insights in the comparisons between different telecommunications provides. Some of the PPDs that we account for in our process include:

  • Expenditure: current spend per product as well as “whole of business”
  • Volume: the quantity of the product or service consumed
  • Geography: physical location of each site as well as the terminating point
  • Service Levels: restoration times, availability and associated penalties
  • Technology: Fibre, NBN, 5G, SDWAN
  • Government regulation
  • Contract Term
  • Funds: annual funds/bonuses are now entrenched as an effective “discount”

Eliminating the need to normalise pricing is the key to a concise, aggressive, fact-based, deliverable telecommunications benchmark outcome, where Normalisation can be defined as:

“Allows the comparison of corresponding values for different datasets in a way that eliminates the effects of certain gross influences.” – The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms

Our Guarantee

We are known for our reliable, effective telecommunications benchmarking. Across all Australian States and New Zealand, we are recognized as the leading Australasian Telecommunications Tender and Benchmarking organization.

Our customers come to us for telecommunications benchmarking because they trust in our process, which delivers leading comparisons based on a complete understanding of the enterprise’s needs, circumstances, and future goals. Because telecommunications needs can shift as a business grows, our goal is to find solutions that are robust in the long term, but flexible to that business’ growth trajectory and how it plans on leveraging its Internet presence.

For more information on the full suite of services that we offer, and how we can benefit your enterprise immediately, contact us today. We have your telecommunications benchmarking needs covered.