MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Billed and paid for…………. but not used ! Are you aware of just how much inefficiency and waste is in your organisation through your ICT infrastructure and, particularly, your telecommunications infrastructure. Chances are that it’s much more than you realised.
Every modern enterprise needs telecommunications. Organisations rely on digital applications, media, and platforms more than ever for sales, marketing, internal operations and communication. However, an inefficient telecommunications environment becomes a significant cost and drain on any enterprise, and it often does so without the organisation being aware of it. That’s where telecommunications audits come in.

That’s where we come in at EUC. For over 20 years now, we’ve been assisting companies all over Australia and New Zealand minimise their communications and technology expenditure by completing comprehensive and insightful telecommunications audits through our leading ICT infrastructure strategies.

EUC’s Infrastructure Utilisation Review Does:

  • Identify all low and non-utilised fixed voice ICT infrastructure.
  • Investigate current ‘actual’ status versus ‘billed’ status of all services.
  • Provide detailed reports of;
    • Disconnected services still being billed (and rebates/credits due)
    • Services that can definitely be disconnected and the resulting savings
    • Services that require additional investigation to confirm disconnection status
  • Project manage the initial ‘suspension’ of services agreed to be disconnected to ensure minimal business disruption.
  • Review subsequent billing to confirm and report on actual savings achieved and to follow up on non-actioned requests for disconnection.
  • Have experience in achieving major cost-savings; Downer Group, Shell, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, Tabcorp, Harvey Norman, APN, Aust Red Cross and Pacific National.

Note: This is only a partial list of our audit services. We understand that each of our customers has a different environment and circumstances, and our expertise across all sectors allows us to tailor our services to your own enterprise’s circumstances.

EUC’s Infrastructure Utilisation Review Does Not:

  • Confuse security and EFTPOS services with not-required services.
  • Confuse Telstra ICT infrastructure with zero Telstra usage that may be carrying third party usage (Optus etc).
  • Involve disruptive site visits unless absolutely necessary and of significant potential savings.
  • Simply disconnect services without;
    • Calling the service number
    • Confirming status with the carrier
    • Reporting status to customer
    • Preparing a report, by location, for review by the customer’s on-site personnel
    • Initially ‘suspending’ the service which enables instant reconnection if the customer requires the service to be reactivated, immediately and without any reconnection costs.
  • Charge the customer until savings/credits have been confirmed with the carrier and reflected in the customer billing.

Many other organisations that undertake these kinds of audits end up offering bad advice based on outcomes that are not related to your business. No one can match this level of insight or experience with ICT Infrastructure and Telecommunication Audits as EUC does.

When is the right time to undertake an audit? Now is as good as any. As key infrastructure to the health of a business, the sooner you gain control over your telecommunications environment, the more quickly you can leverage it into an efficient, productive, value-delivering resource. For more information on our telecommunications audits, or if you’re ready to get started, contact us today.