OVER $2 BILLION Reviewed Each Year

EUC has serviced over 750 major Australasian companies and government entities including over 60 of the top 100 on the ASX regularly since 1997 – we are specialists in telecommunication industry analysis and have developed an impeccable record for delivering an exacting service standard. This regular exposure provides EUC with a unique, detailed insight into the evolving “Market Best Practice” solutions and “Market Best Pricing” covering, technology and services such as SDWAN and the National Broadband Network (nbn™), as well as developing an unparalleled level of credibility with the major suppliers.

EUC’s leadership role in telecommunication industry analysis over such a length of time has helped us to develop a unique insight into the strategies utilised by Australasia’s leading companies. It is this insight into “what works and what doesn’t” that has enabled EUC to develop customised strategies for your organisation that will deliver the lowest ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) for your telecommunication services. Given the critical role of communications to modern business and the increasing competitiveness between businesses around this, delivering productivity while controlling the TCO is vital to the health of businesses in today’s changing market.

Competitive Analysis

The secret to success in EUC’s ability to deliver leading service standards in this area is our complete and proud independence from all carriers and our agnostic view regarding technologies, telecommunication industry analysis and networks have firmly established the EUC value proposition with our clients. Our goal is to get the best possible results for your enterprises’ needs and goals, rather than push any one particular technology or solution. To help supply this leading service standard, we maintain an industry-leading database that contains the usage, billing, infrastructure, managed services and other granular details of almost 800 enterprises and government clients. We refresh the data constantly, so that we have the best possible, current, and up-to-data data with which we can provide our clients with the most competitive telecommunication industry analysis possible.

That’s just one of our services. We also assist our clients with through our innovative and respected Virtual Tender Responses service. This is an opportunity for an organisation to receive a “tender outcome” without needing to dedicate internal resources to conduct an RFP. This is provided alongside our Total Value Index, which we offer as part of our ICT procurement strategy.

No one can match this level of telecommunication industry analysis, nor the heritage that we have built up by doing this longer than just about anyone. Our focus on the value-add: giving our clients the best service, supported by the best solutions, is why we are able to take a long-term partnership view with our customers; over time we become the trusted source of information on everything to do with ongoing IT procurement and future-readiness.

With offices in NSW, Brisbane, Victoria and New Zealand, we’re available to assist you with all your telecommunication industry analysis needs. For more information on our services, or how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whatever you need – we’d be happy to help.