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Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC) founded in 1996, is a privately-owned Australian company specialising in the tendering and benchmarking of ICT services.

With offices in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand, EUC is acknowledged as the leading Australasian Telecommunications Tender and Benchmarking organisation.

EUC is passionately independent and is not distracted by any potential conflict of interest.

We are acutely aware that our clients’ primary objective is to increase the value they receive from their telecommunications contracts. EUC update our clients as soon as the range of likely outcomes is determined to enable the client to decide to continue, halt or modify the project.

This flexible engagement model has never been as important to our clients as it is today with the major disruptions of NBN, SDWAN and 5G making “doing nothing” NOT an option.

No one can match this level of insigth into telecommunications products, services and pricing, including NBN and SDWAN

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