Founded in 1996, Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC) is a privately-owned Australian company with offices in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand. We’re acknowledged as the leading Australasian Telecommunications Tender and Benchmarking organization, known for our ability to support our clients with all the complexities of their telecommunications contracts.

We specialise in two main areas: the provision of telecommunications market analysis alongside the provision of high-quality support to our customers across ICT benchmarking and tenders as well as traditional telecommunications tenders and benchmarking of infrastructure and managed services. We achieve this through a flexible engagement model, alongside an extensive database.

We are known for our exceeding level of customer service, bringing together unique innovations to the solutions that we provide, and developing an uncompromising understanding of our customer’s needs and how to best deliver value to their business.

Our engagement model

We are passionately independent – it is key to delivering the customer-focused service that we are renowned for, and ensuring that we take care to act with our customer’s interests in mind at all times. Whether we’re reviewing a billing, contract or offer from a provider or a customer, we ensure our actions will assist our clients.

Our engagement model was created with total flexibility In mind. We update our clients as soon as we assess the range of outcomes, which enables you to decide on the next actions you will take with the project. In today’s world, this is immensely impactful: with major disruptions  from nbn™, SDWAN, 5G and Adaptive Networks, doing nothing is not an option. However, no one solution is ideal for every business model. Our goal is to interpret your enterprise’s needs with regards to telecommunications, and develop the right solution that is both forward-thinking and will assist your business’ ongoing growth.

We take a long-term, partnership-orientated focus to each of our customers, with the goal to assist them with their telecommunications and connectivity challenges over the long term. IT is a vibrant, dynamic field, and enterprises that don’t stay on top of it are at risk of being disrupted. Our services help our customers remain the disruptors through all technology trends.

Our database

From telecommunications market analysis to telecom benchmarking and equipped with details of over 780 Australasian enterprise and government clients, our database provides us with unique insights into the current market trends.

Our clients highly value the opportunities that come from our database, which is the most robust in the industry. As a value-adding provider, our ability to offer complex and nuanced consulting services is core to our success. Our database is a key part of that service level, and something that is entirely unique to EUC.

Let us help you

In short, no one can match the level of insight that EUC can provide into the telecommunications market across Business and Government customers. Whether it be in assisting you with pricing, of investment into new and emerging technology and solutions including; the nbn™, SDWAN, Mobility, 5G, Adaptive Networks, and Cloud Services, we have the expertise and proven heritage in delivering the best outcomes for our customers, with complete independence and reliability.

Our focus is on complementing your internal capability with our experience and expertise. Contact us today for outstanding telecommunications market analysis.